Message from the President

CUPE 5555 Member:

As most of you are aware by now our board is taking a significant hit in funding with a decrease of approximately $3.5 million.

The employer has been working over the past few weeks trying to get a budget in place for next year. Many difficult decisions have had to be made which has led to a delay in the approval process.

As of yesterday, the budget had not been passed by the Trustees for approval, causing the staffing day for all CUPE groups except E/A’s and CYW’s to be moved to June 15-17, instead of June 9-12 as originally intended.

I am unsure what effect the decrease funding will have on our overall staffing complement at this time, especially in the E.A, CYW group where we are seeing the biggest hit. I am however, staying optimistic due to the large number of retirements we are seeing this year.

It is a sad time in the education sector and we need to continue to fight the government and educate our friends, family and neighbours on what is taking place.

In solidarity,

Ron Maguire

President CUPE 5555