Contact Info
Name Work Location Position Email Phone
Lee Campbell Lydia TrullP.S. Custodian 905-440-5060
Tricia Davey ENSS Custodian 905-376-9035
Paula Clark Charles Bowman P.S E.C.E. 289-356-4309
Lindsay Cameron Courtice North P.S E.C.E. 905-244-7272
Mike Maguire CYW 705-875-7171
Amber Stark CYW 705-917-4766
Tracey Shevchuk Bowmanville H.S. Head Secretary 905-925-8056
Donna Marie Abrams Ganaraska Trail P.S E.A 905-753-1089
Tyson Egert Dr. Lydia Trull P.S. CYW 905-925-2085

Updated April 30/18

What is the role of a steward ?

The union steward will be the liaison between the membership and your CUPE 5555 executive. They shall represent all union members fairly, equally and without prejudice to the best of their ability.

The union steward should be familiarized with the Collective Agreement to the best of his/her ability. If in doubt regarding its content, the Union Steward should always request assistance from another union steward and/or executive committee member.

Unlike the teachers union, we do not have stewards at each work location. We have 13 steward positions in total that are elected due to the diversity of our local with many classifications and over 140 job descriptions.

It has come to our attention that some members believe that they are the union rep for the school. This is not the case (we do not have school reps) and they are the contact person to distribute union information to the school. They should not be attending meetings or giving advise to other members as a “union rep”.

Our Stewards are aware that it is our local unions direction not to deal with issues in their own work location.

If a position should become vacant or unfilled, it is the responsibility of the vice president in consultation with the president to appoint.

Please make sure you contact someone listed , when a representative is needed.