Union Card

NOTE: The following letter has been sent to all work locations in hard copy along with application forms


February 12, 2015

 Dear CUPE 5555 member :

 As many of you are already aware, we have developed a plastic union card so that all CUPE 5555 member in good standing can scan into union meetings. Each card will have an individual union number and bar code that will identify who you are and ensure secure membership management at our meetings.

Starting Feb 1, 2015, all members must have their union card in order to gain access to any membership meeting or vote conducted by the local.  To receive your card we kindly ask that you complete one of the attached forms and return to our office via board courier, mail or scan to email to cupe5555@bellnet.ca. If more forms are needed, you can find it on our website www.cupe5555.ca   under the “union card” heading on the home page.

To be eligible for a card and attend meetings, you must be in “good standing” by being current on dues payment and by acknowledging and adhering to the union oath. As everyone is current on dues payment as it is automatically deducted by the employer we only need proof that you have read and acknowledge the oath.

On the form we are also requesting that you agree to stay current on dues “even in the event of changes to any act or legislation”.  This is in an effort to protect your assets should the government decide to make changes in the future. If you do not wish to agree to the terms in its entirety, we would ask that you please indicate “Oath only” on your union membership card application form, sign and return. (If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or email)

For members who agree to the terms in its entirety, you will be provided a dual purpose card that will not only give you access to all union meetings, but you will also receive great discounts at local businesses. For members who agree to the “Oath only” terms, you will receive a card that will give you access to union meetings only.


Application forms and cards will be available at all meetings for anyone who has not received their card and wish to attend the meeting. We ask that you arrive an hour prior to the meeting start time so that you have time to fill out the paper work and not cause a delay in the meeting start time. If you plan to attend the upcoming general membership meeting on Feb. 21/15 and have yet to return your signed form I would ask that you bring the form with you the day of the meeting as there is not enough turnaround time for us to send the card to you.

Thank you for your continued support as we work towards building a stronger union.

In solidarity;

Ron Maguire


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