General Membership Meeting Info





General membership meetings are important in that; decisions are made that can directly involve you the member, and are made based on the attendance to each meeting.  If attendance is low, it can mean that decisions involving how your membership dues are spent are decided by a select few.

Up to date information is provided at all meetings in regards to the day to day business of the local, what is happening in the work place and detailed financial statements.

Your local president Ron Maguire, has made it his duty since taking office  in 2007 to stay as long as needed after all membership meetings to make sure every member who attends has the time needed to discuss their own personal work related matters and have the opportunity to feel heard.

Our General membership meetings alternate between Cobourg and Peterborough (as per our bylaws and voted on by the membership) and are conducted during the following months:

October , December, February, April , June

Google map and address for meeting venue can be found under the calendar of events on the home page.

To gain admittance to any general membership meeting you must provide a valid CUPE 5555 union membership card that will be scanned and confirmed prior to entry.

Don’t have a card? Please Click on membership discount program from the home screen to access the member application form and information.


Sergeant-AT-Arms – Trish Terryberry

As per our ByLaws Sec 8 sub 11


The duties of the Sergeant-At-Arms are as follows:

– guard the inner door at membership meetings and admit no one but members in good standing or officers or officials of CUPE, except on the order of the President and or by consent of the members.
– assist in maintaining the record of membership attendance at meetings
perform such other duties as may be assigned by the board from time to time.
-audit the records of attendance