Elections Info

Local elections will take place starting at noon on November 14th and ending at noon on November 18, 2017.

For the first time ever, you will be able to vote online so please take this opportunity to place your vote! A link to the voting website will be released closer to the November 14th date.

An elections committee has been established to answer any questions or concerns through out the election process. You can contact them by email: elections2017@cupe5555.ca.

The elections committee has informed us that a nominee for the position of Health and Safety Chair has since withdrawn their nomination and Jessica Gallagher has now been acclaimed to the position…..Congratulations Jessica!

For the 2017 CUPE 5555 local elections, there will be votes conducted for the following positions:

1) President
2) Vice-President/Chief Steward
3) Recording Secretary

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Elections committee letter to the membership

Download (PDF, 196KB)

Names of members who have their union cards

Download (PDF, 486KB)