Staffing 2016 Q&A

Dear CUPE 5555 member:

I have provided Q & A below that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have around the 2016-17 staffing process


Q: The  updated seniority list came out and it does not show the positions that are redundant, will a new one be created? 

A: Yes, I have since been able to get the employer to agree to create a new list showing redundant positions. They have assured me it will be posted by Friday. 

Q: The positions posted have closed. Will they be awarded prior to staffing? 

A: No, postings are awarded simultaneously with bumping during the staffing process as we move down the seniority list. 

Q: I have a part time position and have received a redundancy letter. Can I bump someone with less seniority who is in a position with more hours? 

A: Yes, if you meet the minimum requirements of the position and it is the same pay band or lower you can bump anyone with less seniority regardless of  hours or length of work year. 

As EA’s and CYW’s can only bump amongst themselves for this year as it is a transition, the payband stipulation does not apply. Ie) Someone in an EA position who holds CYW qualifications can bump a CYW with less seniority for this year only even though it is a higher payband) 

Q: I am currently in a full time position now. It looks like the people below me with less seniority are in part time jobs. Can I bump more than one person ? 

A: Yes, you can bump more than one person with less seniority to get as many hours as possible as long as you don’t go over the max hours of your clasification ie) custodians 40hrs EA’s 35hrs etc. The hours of work for each position must not conflict. 

Q: I did not receive a redundancy letter. During the process, how will I know if I have been bumped? 

A: As soon as someone bumps you, you will receive a courtesy call to let you know. This is in an effort to provide you as much time as possible to think about your options prior to it being your turn to select as we move down the seniority list.

Q: How will I be contacted during the process? 

A: Your work location will be contacted. If there is a possability that you will be  away, you should email H.R and myself with a number that you can be contacted, in advance of June 13th. 

Q: What happens if you are unable to get in contact with me? 

A: Every effort will be made, however we cant hold up the process for a great length of time. If contact is not made, H.R and union will work together to pick the best selection possible for you considering hours, and distance from your home. (This has only happened a couple times in 10 years) 

Q: I know that I will be away during the staffing week and I’m worried I will be unavailable to answer the call if bumped. Is there anything else I can do other than just sending in my contact number? 

A: Yes, along with your contact number you can send H.R and union your top selections in order of preference.  

Q: How do you contact someone who is off sick or on maternity leave? 

A: These individuals must email a contact number to H.R and union .

Q: Will I know what day I may receive a call? 

A: H.R will post periodic updates on MYKPR stating where we are on the seniority list in years of service. With this, it should give you a bit of an indication what day you may receive a call. 

Q: I plan to stay in the current position I hold. How will I know that I am safe and I haven’t been bumped? 

A: Once it has been posted that we are past your seniority date, you are safe from being bumped. 

Q: Can I speak to the union during the process? 

A: Yes, we are in the room if you receive a call. We can either speak with you over speaker phone with H.R present ,or, we can have them leave the room to speak to you privately if needed. 

Q: Can casuals apply for the postings that were released? 

A: Yes, casuals have the right to apply to any position posted. They will be considered once all permanent members have positions. 

Q: What happens if I don’t have a position after the staffing week? 

A: Don’t panic yet, there will be a few more rounds of postings before the start of the school year.

Q: What happens if I get bumped and there was a posting that I wish to have but I didn’t apply? 

A: When you get a call, you can select any open posting that is left even if you didn’t apply.

Q: How will I know what postings are left? 

A: You will ask when called and H.R will let you know what is still available. 

Q: Can I bump into another work group? 

A: Yes, you can bump into another work group as long as you have been prequalified and the person has less seniority in the same payband that you currently hold or lower. (E/A’s and CYW’s can’t bump into other work groups during this transition year, however, they can apply for any position outside their work group if prequalified) 

Q: I have almost 30 years seniority, I don’t need to worry about having choices in mind do I? 

A:  False, unless you are number 1 on the seniority list, no one is safe from bumping. Each year you should take a look at the seniority list and have a few choices in mind if you were to be affected. We have had many members caught off guard over the years as they did not believe they would ever be bumped. 


Q: If bumped, will you tell me who bumped me when you call? 

A: No, this is kept confidential.  

Q: How do I contact the union if I have an issue when the process is taking place? 

A: The best way will be to email me  or text 905-373-2941

Q: How do I best prepare? 

A: Make a list of your top choices Including any postings that you would considered.

Q: If I’m awarded a position I applied for, do I have to accept? 

A: No, you can decline any position you applied for.

Q: Will the bumping process be completed by work group or all at the same time? 

A: All at the same time. We start at the top of the seniority list and work our way down. 

Q: I don’t trust the employer, how do I know what they are telling me is correct  if I get a call during the staffing process? 

A: You will have me (president) along with two executive members in the room watching over the process, listening to what is said, and documenting all bumps and positions taken. 

Q: I am at the bottom of the seniority list. What happens if there is only a part time position or a position at the other end of the board from where I live? Do I have to accept? 

A: yes, to keep your permanent status you must accept any permanent position that is available. 

Q: I presently have been made redundant in my permanent position and have bumping rights but I am currently in a Temporary position and would like to stay there. Can this be done? 

A: You must first bump another person or an open position to hold a permanent job on paper. Once this has been done, you can request to stay in your Temporary position if  the person who holds it permanently was not affected with bumping and the position will be continuing the next year.

Q: I received a redundancy letter and will be using my bumping rights. I know who I will be bumping, should I phone and tell them prior to staffing?

A: No. This is a stress-full time for all and you should let the process happen. Things might not happen the way you think which could lead to undue stress on to others.

In solidarity,

Ron Maguire
President -CUPE Local 5555
Education Workers of the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board
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