Message to Secretaries – Struck Work


It has come to our attention that  the board  directive starting Monday June 15th will be for CUPE secretaries to take on the added additional duties not being performed by the teaching staff, such as inputting marks, stuffing envelopes, filing report cards in the OSRs etc.  Our employer is putting us in an unfortunate situation when they should be respecting the legal work to rule action process of ETFO.

If the employer asks you to do these duties you politely say no, if they still give you a directive to do so, you will need to accept, and contact us to file a grievance immediately.

You will also need to ask your administration “what don’t you want me to do, so I can take on these extra duties?”

Our secretarial members are overworked as it is and there are only so many hours in the day. Administration will need to decide what duties to remove from your daily work load so you can take on these addition duties of a teacher.

I would also suggest speaking with the ETFO rep at your work location to explain that although you do not want to take on these duties, the employer is directing you to do so. Indicate you must comply or you could face possible discipline, however, you will be filling a grievance.

Please show your support to ETFO as we will most likely be in the same position as them in the fall. The fastest way to communicate with the union is by email as there are many meetings scheduled in the coming days.