Bargaining update # 3

Scheduled meetings took place on December 3rd and December 4th where the “terms of reference” (ground rules for bargaining) were determined and agreed to.   The committee was not able to secure government funding for the CUPE table, but the issue has been tabled for discussion in the context of bargaining.  Discussions were started on what items should be discussed at the central table.
The management team is pushing for central talks to cover everything related to monetary costs, beyond salary and benefits.  They are rejecting many of the items that CUPE sees as central – such as contracting out, violence prevention and preventative maintenance.   CUPE believes they will need to invoke the dispute resolution mechanism available through the Ontario Labour Relations board.  An additional bargaining date was set for December 18th.
Two of the teacher groups – OECTA and OSSTF – have already filed their applications for dispute resolution.  In OECTA’s case, all three parties (government, employer council, and the union) exchanged briefs mid-December.  CUPE has reserved the right to seek intervenor status in this matter.
The meeting scheduled for December 18th found contention over the fact that the management team has pushed to have the bulk of monetary items discussed only at the central table.   In addition, because an agreement has not been reached to have items such as contracting out, violence prevention and preventive maintenance brought to the central table; CUPE has started the process of making application to the Ontario Labour Relations Board for dispute resolution in case the need arises.
The next meeting is scheduled for January 23, 2015.
Sandy M. Jones
Strike Preparation Chair
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