Welcome to CUPE 5555


CUPE local 5555 represents over 1400 education workers of Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board which encompasses 93 schools in a 7,000 square kilometer radius serving the communities in the municipality of Clarington, Northumberland, and Peterborough County.

We are a diverse local consisting of 140 job titles in the classification of Secretaries , Custodians, Maintenance, E.C.E’s, Educational Assistants, Professional, Paraprofessional’s, and IT. The work our members perform on a daily basis assist students by creating a clean, safe, and supported learning environment contributing to their success…. “Our schools work because we do”

President:  Ron Maguire 

Office: 905-623-5356
Toll Free: 1-855-737-5356
Fax: 1-905-623-5352
Office email: cupe5555@bellnet.ca 


To communicate better with our membership, we have been sending out mass emails (E-blast) to any member who has provided us with their personal (home) email address.

In an effort to stay “green” most of our correspondence will be sent this way instead of hard copies to work locations. This will also help when sending information out that we do not want the employer to have, especially when it comes to negotiations.
Please be aware of the disclaimer on the bottom of each e-blast

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To sign up, (CUPE 5555 members only) please click on the following link:http://eepurl.com/-Dsm9

Please email us if you have signed up but do not seem to be getting our emails. We are able to check the report to see if your email service provider is blocking our emails as spam.


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PHASE 2, EFFECTIVE Sept. 29/15  *********Scroll down

Please pass on to other co-workers in an effort to make all CUPE 5555 members aware.

It is imperative that we follow the instructions provided. Please contact us if you have any questions or, if you are aware of any members who are not following the outlined Work-to-Rule Phase 2 instructions.

Disregarding the Phase 2 instructions provided would be no different than crossing a picket line to be a scab worker.

These instructions are for all CUPE members, which includes casuals.

The employer is aware.


  •  CUPE has been in a legal strike position on central issues since September 10, 2015.
  •  A work to rule campaign is considered a type of “strike” under the Ontario Labour Relations Act.
  • It is therefore your legal right under the Ontario Labour Relations Act to engage in the Phase 2 Work to Rule with your union.
  •  It is illegal under the Ontario Labour Relations Act for your employer to interfere with, discipline, intimidate or otherwise punish you for exercising your legal right to work to rule.
  •  If your employer directs you to violate the Phase 2 Work to Rule directions, tell them you are exercising your legal right to work to rule as directed by your union and will not perform those duties.  The only exception would be where student safety would be jeopardized.
  •  So long as you are following the Phase 2 directions from CUPE, your actions in refusing to perform certain duties are protected under the Ontario Labour Relations Act.  Therefore, in the unlikely event your employer issues discipline for not complying, tell your CUPE representatives so that CUPE can file a grievance and/or a complaint against your employer with the Ontario Labour Relations Board for acting illegally.  CUPE will promptly and fully challenge any such illegal actions by your employer.


The desired outcome is attainable if we all stick together. NEGOTIATING TO SETTLE……PREPARING TO STRIKE!




Click here to listen:    Radio Ad Released Aug. 31/15