The “job” of all union leaders is to advance their members’ interests. Well-run union locals solve workplace problems and represent their members by negotiating collective agreements. They ensure that employers live up to contract commitments and legal responsibilities that affect members at work.

The local executive coordinates membership activities, providing members with information, advice, funds, knowledge and support to effectively deal with their workplace concerns.

Executive members play a key role in reaching out to involve all the members of the local, taking particular care to involve young workers and members from equity seeking groups.

They may also represent the local membership in broader community coalitions, at the district labour council and to the public.

Your Executive:

Position Name Email Phone
President Ron Maguire president@cupe5555.ca Cell: 905-373-2941
1st VP/Chief Steward Al Mailey vicepresident@cupe5555.ca Cell: 905-213-9888
Secretary Treasurer Jason Corbeil treasurer@cupe5555.ca Cell: 905-243-5456
Recording Secretary Anne Postill secretary@cupe5555.ca Cell: 905-213-6504




Aug 23/18